Ticket Selection

  • Basic admission includes:
    -Lodging for the entire weekend
    -Meals each day
    -Access to the Ice Cream Social held on the final day

  • V.I.P. admission includes:
    -Everything from the previous tier
    -Photoshoot with Hund the Hound
    -Access to the Guest of Honor dinner


Guild Selection

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Optional Information

We care about your health!
We ask that you make us aware of any existing health conditions that may need special attention so you can be safe while still having fun. During our event, the YMCA cooks and prepares us meals each day and can cater to personal needs if you have a certain food allergies or a specific diet.

 Please complete this area of our form if you have any kind of allergies or need a vegetarian/vegan food choice.

Billing Information

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